My Glossy Gets (Volume I) A.K.A. My Beauty Must-have’s

I am a tried and true Product Junkie! I love trying new products (hair, makeup, and skincare), and have been like this for as long as I can remember…

As women many of us have suffered through hard-ships and hard-times or we will at some point in our lives or know someone close to us who has (guts). And as difficult as it is to discuss and experience these uphill battles, I’ve found that sometimes a little “gloss” can temporarily provide some fun, relief, and, escape from reality (in a healthy way)!

My Promise

So, what I’ve attempted to do is get real, raw, and truthful with the stuff that is hard to talk about (guts), while providing you an escape from sometimes very serious life situations with some “girl” time topics (gloss)! And that is my promise to you…I am here to understand, and provide you with a positive forum for you to be heard, feel loved, and know that there is someone else out there who is going through a difficult time too! But, I also promise to provide you with my favorite beauty products and things that make me smile when times are tough!



#1 This Mascara is my all-time FAVORITE!!!

I cannot live without it. It provides incredible volume. You can wear it day or night! I have never found another mascara as good as this one. *Glossy Tip: Always have a waterproof version on hand, for beach/vacation days! When I go to the beach I hate wearing makeup, but I make sure to have mascara, gloss, and a tinted sunscreen on!

#2 Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Mist

This is one of my newest Glossy Get’s, and I’m so excited to turn you on to this product. It detangles, and cuts blow-dry time in half. I don’t know how I ever did my hair before I had this spray. It’s a huge time-saver!

#3 Hourglass Veil Makeup Primer

Do you use a foundation primer? If you don’t you are missing out on a crucial step in your routine! Using a primer, helps your foundation stay on longer, and keeps your skin looking fresh thought the day. I have tried lots of primers before, and nothing has felt quite like this one. I absolutely love it!

#4 Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm

I have been using the Orgasm blush’s from Nars for years- both the powder and the stick. And I love them both! I was really skeptical of this liquid blush when it came out, and wasn’t sure if I liked it at first. The color is really pigmented, so you only need the tiniest bit. But it does provide the most beautiful dewy glow in the most stunning shade of pink and lasts really well throughout the day. Remember, a little goes a long way. 🙂

#5 THE Beauty Blender

No. Words. for this thing! It has saved my life! I use less product because of it, and it provides the most stunning finish when applying foundation, concealer, and liquid blush, and even powder! I am never without it! And as a Guts & Gloss VIP, you can get 20% off at one of my favorite sites Cosbar when you enter code Gutsandgloss20 🙂

#6 Les Beiges Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette

I get really overwhelmed by big palettes that have a million colors (ain’t no body got time for that)! I came across this palette recently and love the simplicity of it. It’s impossible to mess it up, and the colors can work on anyone! It can be more gentle for day, achieve a smokey eye with it for night time, which makes it perfect for traveling. It’s nice and small but offers multiple looks for different events… I will definitely be bringing this on my next “work” trip to Las Vegas for a convention!

#7 Aerin Perfume

I discovered these perfumes a few years ago, and when ever a new scent comes out I run to get it. My favorites are Ikat Jasmine, Rose, and Honeysuckle. They are gentle and feminine and most importantly not over-powering. I am very sensitive to scent. I love that I put any of these on and never get a headache!

#8 Edie Parker Iphone 7 Plus Case

OK. I know this isn’t a “beauty” product, but it makes me happy and I consider my phone case an accessory. I love Edie Parker bags which are on the pricey side, so this case is a bit of her luxury minus the hefty price tag:)

#9 Kevyn Aucoin Lip Gloss in Cloudaine (Baby Pink)

I L.O.V.E. lip glosses. I must own a hundred of them! I recently discovered Kevyn Aucoin’s line and am really enjoying this line. This one here is the perfect color to enhance your natural lip color. It is the perfect pink without appearing too pink. If you are looking for a super natural look, this is a great gloss for you.

#10 Rodan + Fields Essentials Lip Shield with SPF 25

When I’m out in the sun, my lips and around my lips get freckled, and I despise it… I think it’s so important to nourish, and protect the lips just like I take care of the rest of the skin on my face. This lip shield is the right price but packs a big value with spf 25, and 2 per pack, you won’t be sorry! Perfect at the beach or in your hubby’s golf bag!

#11 The Perfect Nude Lip: Chanel Liner in #34 Natural, and YSL Rouge Volupte in Nude Beige #1

I have always wanted that Kim K “nude” lip look. Unfortunately, most nude’s make me look totally washed out… I’ve finally found the perfect nude lip duo that suits my coloring! These 2 paired together are perfection!

And there you have it, my FIRST Glossy Get Round-up! If you choose to treat yourself, and cheer yourself up with one of these goodies: LET ME KNOW:) I would love to hear what you think!

Rachael Braunshweiger

The voice behind Guts & Gloss, Rachael is on a mission to share everything she’s learned about having guts, taking risks, turning obstacles into opportunity — and living with style (of course)!

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Subscribe to follow and learn some of the secrets of my success, how to make life work (when you feel like falling apart) and the easy things you can do to take care of yourself to look and feel great!

get my free glossy guide!