From Scared to Successful

I get asked all the time.

“How did you become successful?” 
“Should I join the company you joined?”
“How can I do what you did?”
“Can I still achieve what you have?”

And lot’s of other questions about my profession, and my personal/private life in general. And I put myself out there… to inspire and empower, so I’m ok with it. But I decided to address some of these questions specifically here for those of you who may be curious. I’m going to share with you how I went from Scared to Successful in 5 steps…

But first, I have to paint the picture for you. Imagine this…

Six years ago:

I have no income coming in. When I wanted to buy something, I had to “ask” my husband (not fun)! Being the strong, independent woman I am, that was tough for me. I didn’t feel good inside my heart about not being financially independent.

Yes, I was in graduate school– getting my masters degree in Counseling Psychology (and I loved my work)… But, that wasn’t paying the bills. I had a baby at home and my hubby worked CRAZY hours. When I thought about our future, I had massive anxiety and was always trying to figure out how I was going to give my girls as much- if not more than what my parents had given me. I also wanted to spend MORE time with my family and not less. Not to mention, I was scared to go to the mailbox and get our bills! It was a horrible feeling, and I never want to be back there again…Thankfully now, after 5 years, I support our family financially, and financial pressure isn’t nearly what it used to be. *This is my own unique story, for more info search our IDS.

So I searched: high and low for something I could do alongside school and my internship. How could I complete what I had set out to do, be a mom, wife, AND earn an income?

Just as I was searching for this perfect scenario- I had put out in the world (yes that works lol!), the opportunity found me!

And here’s where it all changed for me. I’m going to be real, honest, and straight up with YOU. So get ready…

How I went from Scared (to get my bills from the mailbox) to Success! My 5 tips on how to achieve success in life and in your career:

1. Make a Decision

I made a decision that I was not happy with my financial situation, and the only person who could change it was me. I knew something had to change, and when a business opportunity was presented to me I took it. Of course I didn’t know what to do. I started at the bottom and worked hard for years until I made it to the top (I still work hard F.Y.I). But here’s the most important part: You have to make the decision. Recently I was at a training with my good friend, business partner, and marketing maven Stefany Gittleman.

Stefany spoke about something that really impacted me, which was this: When you are slow to make a decision, and you just sit and think, and sit and think, and not take any action–that can really make or break you.

RFX Circle Achiever Stefany Gittleman

Do you feel like your life is stalling? Perhaps it is because you are stalling it. Important life decisions are going to come up. Thinking fast and acting fast are important qualities to learn and incorporate in your every day. Stop wondering if you can be successful…Get out there and be a success!

2. Go For It

An opportunity was presented to me, that was totally different than ANYTHING I had ever done before, but I decided to go for it. I get it… we all get scared sometimes. We let fear stop us But I didn’t this time. I went with my gut!

Since my husband was diagnosed with cancer, two and a half years ago, our family has been dealing with life or death. It’s changed the way we think, and how we make decisions.

You have one life. One chance to make this the best life ever! Jordan and I always say we never want to look back and regret not taking a chance.

3. Don’t Let Other People Kill Your Dream

If I had a dollar for every time someone said something negative to me for becoming an entrepreneur, I would have collected a lot of dollars! SO many people were not so nice about my new endeavor when I started nearly 6 years ago.

From good friends, to family members… not being supportive, it felt horrible. But, I didn’t let them stop me, from making my own financial income, or from believing in my company! Afterall, they didn’t pay our bills right? Starting my own business in the world of network marketing felt like an uphill battle a lot of the time. Like I said, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

4. Work Your Ass Off

I mean this speaks for itself doesn’t it? Work! Nothing is going to come easy. I have learned this the hard way…If you want to lose weight, get to the gym and stop eating garbage. If you want to make more money and live a prosperous life, do it. If you want to work less, and spend more time with the people who matter the most- Get it! But, know that only you can make that happen. Know that that it won’t happen overnight and it won’t work unless you do…

When I started my business. I heard no’s left and right. Up and down. In fact, I  heard “no” more than I heard “yes”, and that’s still the case! I talked about this on my FB live last week… From the moment I started with my company, I fell in love with our products and business model. I enjoyed it so much, it didn’t feel like work!

As tired as I was, working full time, in graduate school, and rushing home to be with my baby, I never stopped working my business. Did I give up tv most nights, and mostly all my relaxation time? You bet I did, and it was worth every minute. Chances are if you are reading this, I have probably reached out to you about joining me in business a few times (I hope you were flattered:).

5. Align Yourself With Successful People and Be Coachable

Years ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to some very special women, who took me under their wing when I first started out. I told them my goals and showed them that I was doing the work, and in turn they mentored me- Thank you Lore and Melissa!

Night of my Lexus Party in June of 2014

When I first became an entrepreneur, I listened to any training I could get my hands on (usually on my commute to and from work).

I showed up to any event local to me no matter what!

I know that I don’t know everything, whether it’s about our business, social media, or anything else. I am always willing to learn, hear and work with other successful people

Rachael Braunshweiger

The voice behind Guts & Gloss, Rachael is on a mission to share everything she’s learned about having guts, taking risks, turning obstacles into opportunity — and living with style (of course)!

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Subscribe to follow and learn some of the secrets of my success, how to make life work (when you feel like falling apart) and the easy things you can do to take care of yourself to look and feel great!

get my free glossy guide!