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Rachael Braunshweiger wears many hats:
Mother. Wife. Businesswoman. Friend. Shopaholic.

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Hi! I’m Rachael Braunshweiger. I wear many hats but I refuse to take any one of them off.

As a full-time mother, wife, caregiver, and entrepreneur, I hope to encourage women all over the world to embrace life’s difficulties and use them to move forward and ultimately achieve success.

As the voice behind Guts & Gloss, I’m on a mission to share everything I’ve learned about having guts, taking risks, turning obstacles into opportunities, succeeding in business — all while living in style!  

Despite the busy schedule brought by being a leader in one of the nation’s largest skincare companies, I’m proud to have maintained a healthy work-life balance that I find to be extremely important. I currently train, mentor, and coach thousands of entrepreneurs in our company, and I am loving every minute of it. In fact, it’s one of the best aspects of what I do. Helping others achieve personal and financial success is a huge motivator for me. This can encompass practically anything including helping someone cut hours back at their full-time job to spend more time with their family, teaching someone how to transition out of their full-time work, or simply helping a friend find their purpose again. Every opportunity to help is very meaningful to me and keeps me feeling inspired.

After graduating from Hofstra University in Long Island, NY, I embarked on a career in fashion and business in New York City as a personal assistant to famed jeweler David Yurman.  I stayed in the corporate world for years until one day in 2009 when I woke up to find out that I didn’t have a job anymore due to the economy. On that same day I decided I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. So I went back to graduate school to obtain my Masters in Counseling Psychology with the hope of having my own private practice one day.

In 2010, while in graduate school and with our new baby girl at home, I felt like I had it all, except for one very important thing — my own income. I desperately searched for flexible options to help support our growing family but I didn’t find the right opportunity until March of 2012. With my corporate business background, a love for all things beauty and style, and my knowledge in psychology, I decided to become an entrepreneur. I was nervous and scared but knew I needed to make a change.


Once I thought I’d figured it all out—suddenly, the unthinkable happened. My husband Jordan was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Thankfully, my career allowed me the flexibility to be by Jordan’s side and support our children throughout the turbulent experiences that being a full-time caregiver can present—and it wasn’t always easy. Here, I share my personal story, life lessons and optimistic outlook on Guts & Gloss. I’ll also be sharing my top tips on how you can look and feel beautiful while reaching your huge business goals. I hope to inspire women through my story and empower them to push past life’s greatest hurdles to achieve every one of their goals, no matter how big or small.

I’m a wife, mom, caregiver and entrepreneur on a mission to show women of all ages and walks of life that they can achieve their wildest dreams and have it ALL with hard work and dedication.

In 2015, my husband was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. Overnight, I acquired an entirely new role: Full-time caregiver. Could I have thrown in the towel? Absolutely, but I didn’t. I refused to allow our circumstance to hinder my personal and professional growth. Instead, I dealt with this new layer of my life head-on, and used it to propel myself forward.

Five years ago, I decided to become an entrepreneur… I have reached the highest level of achievement within my company, lead teams of ambitious, passion driven leaders who truly love what they do and mentor hundreds of individuals as they prepare to launch their very own home-based business all while never having to sacrifice time away from my husband or children.

As a forward-thinking business coach, by shifting my mindset from one of obstacle to opportunity, I’ve been able to show my team, friends, and most importantly, family that even when the going gets tough, you can still thrive and have a successful business. I wholeheartedly believe that greatness can come from not-so-great times. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.

I love being excited about my work and showing others the passion that I have for life. My hope is that by sharing my story, I can encourage women and show them, firsthand, that by being resilient and applying that flexibility to your business, you can achieve tremendous success. Take the challenges that life has given you & use them to gain momentum and move forward. As women, we tend to undercut ourselves and our abilities far too often, and I’m out to change that. It’s time to show the world what we’re capable of.

Want to OWN your time and be your own BOSS? Let me show you how to make it WORK (despite 50 other responsibilities!).

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